Stephen Findley

Stephen is one of those guys that 3 minutes after you meet you are already best friends. He has two dogs; one of which is deaf, which is a pretty good thing, but sucks for the other dog since he is also a drummer. He is much older than he looks but his wife and daughter don't hold that against him. Boring things about Stephen would include his marketing and sales background but he can tell you all about that when you meet him in person.


Jacob Fine


Jacob is one of those guys that after you meet you wonder if he will ever speak again.. BECAUSE HE IS THAT QUIET! Which makes him exceptionally good at wildlife photography. He has the worlds most stubborn dog which only weighs 12 pounds but still tries to kill Stephen every time he is around. He is co-owner of a coffee house with his wife, which means he is allowed behind the counter but that's about all he is good for there. Other not so funny things about Jacob include his FAA Part 107 license and his background in videography but Stephen can tell you all about that when you meet them.